About Us


We are experienced pet groomers with over 14 year’s combined experience of all breed grooming. At Pets by Design we will take the best care of your dog and endeavor to present them in the best way we can.

Our aim:
* To maintain a calm ambiance in our work space.
* To enable the dogs to enjoy their experience with us.
* To discuss grooming options with the owner.
* To create a groom that is manageable for the carer.
* Consistently present a high level of customer satisfaction.

Our specialty:
* Putting the most nervous dogs at ease.
* Brushing out knotty coats.
* Deep wash – ability to get the dirtiest of coats clean.
* Clipper and scissor finishing.

Our Pet Groomers

Jill has always been and will always be a pet lover. Even form a young age Jill was passionate about making her pets look good with many misguided attempts to make her pet poodle look good.

It was not till later in life that Jill rediscovered her passion for grooming when Jill bought a pet poodle and was looking for a groomer to groom her puppy that she met Marylyn Lewis the then owner of Greerton Pet World . Marylyn had over 15 years’ experience in dog grooming and agreed to take Jill on as an apprentice groomer. It is here that Jill completed 600 hours of grooming instruction when Marylyn gave her the opportunity to hire some space in the business to set up her own business. Not long after this Marylyn decided to sell Greerton Pet World. Jill thought that this would be a great opportunity for her to start her own business and took over the business. Recently Jill has renamed Greerton Pet World to Pets by Design in order to focus more on her passion for dog grooming and build on her vast experience as pet groomer.

Jill has become well known by her customers for her quiet professional manner and her friendly approach not to mention her excellent pet grooming skills. Jill makes it her personal challenge to transform her own and her customer’s pets and finds the end result deeply satisfying knowing that she has poured her everything into making these pets look good.

In her past Jill has been involved in breeding and showing pedigree Ragdoll cats and breeding pedigree poodles and has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the health and wellbeing of cats and dogs. Jill’s customers appreciate this, especially as they get great tips on keeping their pets well behaved and healthy.

When Jill is not at work she is equally passionate about her family especially her sons and her dog and cat. She loves being active and getting out in the great outdoors whether it is in her kayak, getting in a round of golf or completing the odd ½ marathon. Jill also has a soft spot for animal doco’s and would like to visit Antarctica and Africa some day to take her own photos to bring home

Jill Simpson Dog Grooming

Dog Groomer and Owner Jill Simpson